Sport Center Facilities

The camp is held at the Nymburk sports center. The center is one of Czech’s leading sports facilities where many pro teams from Czech Republic and abroad have been doing their training camps. Besides a well equipped three star hotel there is a wide array of sports facilities. These include several grass and artificial turf football pitches, two multi-purpose indoor arenas, a track & field 400 meter track, a 25m swimming pool, tennis courts and a complete fitness center. The sports center is located in a beautiful park in the town of Nymburk, a one hour drive from Prague.


The hotel has a well-equipped restaurant from where the daily meals for the campers will be served. These meals cater to athletes with a busy daily schedule. In collaboration with a nutritionist balanced menus have been put together. Leave it to the Czech cooks to make into a good and healthy meal.


The campers will stay in the three-star hotel on the sports center facilities. The hotel offers a restaurant, a bar, wifi service and a 24hr reception. Campers can choose for a single room or a room with one or more roommates. Parents can book rooms in the same hotel if they so desire.

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