Other Activities

The sports center has plenty of facilities and those will be used during the camp as well. To break up the cadence of football activities we will schedule other events where we will take advantage of the swimming pool, the indoor gym and the nearby park. It will give the campers a taste of other sports as well.

Video analysis sessions

Another asset in our camp is the video analysis session. We video game situations and the coaches analyze the campers’ strong points and the areas of improvement. Players can benefit a lot from seeing themselves play on video and getting direct feedback from the pros.

Theory – talk football

There is much to learn from the best teams and the best players in the world. We will watch highlights of memorable games and tournaments. These are fun intermezzos to the training sessions on the pitch and with the expert commentary of our staff a good learning experience as well.


From experience we know that the campers’ energy goes up a notch when we schedule the games. In the games the players can show their skills and apply the new things they have learned during the week. There will be fun prizes and awards for the winning teams and players.

Language lessons

There are english language lessons available during our camp. We want to give our campers a chance to learn or improve their english language skills. The lessons will focus on football vocabulary and terminology.