Innovative Training

The coaching staff has developed a balanced and diverse training program for the week. The coaches have experience in working with the next generation of Czech’s football elite and they will apply their innovative training methods with the campers as well. The coaches will look at all aspects of the game: technical skills, conditioning drills, tactics, mental approach, game situations, post-match analysis and the fun & love for the game.

Best coaches

We work with top coaches who have earned their marks in the Czech football world. We have chosen for coaches that work professionally with youth. Their experience and their enthusiasm will be a key success factor in the Football Camp. Lead coach is Jaroslav Hrebik, the U-21 National Team coach for Czech Republic. His keen eye has seen most of Czech’s promising young football players but he may have missed you. This is your chance to impress…

Intensive training methods

There is plenty of room for fun and games yet the daily program is centered at football activities. Although some sessions will be quite intense there is a keen eye on balancing the training and recovery elements. We pride ourselves with a program that is diverse and balanced. With new training methods and compelling off-pitch activities we keep the campers fresh and on their toes.

Football skills sessions

Who’s got skills? The king of the court and the master of the playground. In our camp we also focus on technical skills. It is fun and the creativity of the individual should not get lost in team tactics. We have fun technical drills and competitions with equally creative prizes. Another way of honing the campers’ technical skills are small sided football drills on the turf pitch. Quick, high paced and creative.


The coaching staff has developed a program that trains body and mind. Some of the football drills will be more intense than others. However we will take care of not overloading the players with too much physical exercise. Recovery sessions have been built into the schedule whether through complete or active rest. We have physiotherapists on-site for any necessary treatment.