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Czech International Football Camp

You love football. You think about it 24/7. You eat it, you drink it, you dream about it. For players like you we have the Football Camp. A camp that is all about football: morning, afternoon and evening. You love it. You live it.

General Info

We offer individualized training camps for teams or groups of inidividual players alike. The Football Camp is usually a one week all-inclusive football program where campers will go through a series of football drills, training sessions, games and video analysis sessions. Each camp is constructed to fit the needs and wants of our clients. Therefore, length intensity and type of training can be altered towards your liking. The camp is managed by experienced staff and the coaching is lead by Czech elite coaches and players. The camp will provide a unique football experience with ample opportunities to improve your game and experience football at its finest.

Why go to the camp?

There are no short-cuts to success but there are ways to give it an extra hand. Not with the ‘hand of God’ but with hard work and strong support. The Football Camp can give that support through coaches of the highest level. The Czech National U-21 Team coach heads up the coaching staff and with his team he’ll guarantee a challenging and inspiring football experience.

Nike Football

We are supported by Nike, the leading sports brand. Nike sponsors the camp with equipment for all campers. All players will get a Nike kit and the games and drills are played with Nike footballs. Nike will also supply great football products as prizes for individual and team awards.